Research to Improve our Understanding of Freshwater Ecosystems & Environmental Change


Freshwater ecosystems are sentinels of our environment.

Now more than ever, lakes, rivers, and wetlands face threats from co-occurring stressors. Of fundamental importance is the recognition of the timescales of ecological response to dominant stressors. ECAB Lab research integrates a wide-range of methods from ecology, biomonitoring, and paleolimnology to understand the effects of human activities and natural processes on freshwaters. The current focus of our research includes: 1) Understanding the cause and impacts of benthic algal blooms in low-nutrient rivers, 2) Quantifying lake and wetland response to long-term environmental changes and legacy contaminants, and 3) Advancing knowledge on emerging environmental stressors to freshwater ecosystems of eastern Canada.



Read about some of the diverse research projects underway at the ECAB Lab in maritime Canada and beyond.

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The ECAB Team

Meet the faculty and students involved in field and lab-based research as part of the ECAB Lab.

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We aim to publish our research findings in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Often, students are the primary author and writing is a collaborative process with others involved.

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Research Opportunities

Interested in joining the ECAB Lab? Check out the current and past research positions available.

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Research that is making a difference.

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